When we started, I poured a lot of heart and soul into building a state-of-the-art brewery. I believe that every detail matters, from the water to the tea to the place where we make it.

Caleb Cargle Founder

Thinking Clearly

Since 2009
Ali Zarrow
Founder & CEO
The Doer
I like the fact that every day of the week brings a new challenge. No day is the same. Nothing excites me more than spotting someone buying a bottle of CK as I wander through my neighborhood Whole Foods Market.
Caleb Cargle
Founder & President
The Dreamer
I like overcoming the challenges that come with designing and improving our brewery and figuring out the most efficient way to get fresh CK into more customers' hands. When I'm not booching I enjoy running.

Brew Hard

Play Hard

Quality Assurance Manager
"The Perfectionist"
I'm excited to join Nick and the Brew Team to create the best kombucha possible! I have over 12 years of professional experience in R&D and Product Development in the food and beverage industry. I enjoy snowboarding, swimming and being with my kids.
Production Manager
"The Mechanic"
My favorite part of my job is creating something I enjoy and that I clearly see others enjoy. I was born and raised in Minnesota. I love wine and beer and I'm a huge computer game nerd. My hidden talent is that I can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute.
Creative Advisor
"The Instigator"
Every day at Clearly Kombucha is an adventure in creativity for me! From overseeing brand strategy to kombucha cocktail development, I never get bored. When I'm not dancing with booch crew, I can be found writing, cooking, snuggling with my dog, hiking, or practicing to become the company dj.
Southern Pacific Market Manager
"The Energizer"
I love being a part of an ambitious and supportive team! My job doesn't feel like work because I'm just being me. I am family-oriented and I am OBSESSED with my Tonkanese cat, Mila. I love outdoor adventures, yoga, meditation, and am a self-ascribed foodie.
Pacific Northwest Market Manager
"The Happy Camper"
I love that my job allows me to meet new people, work with my inspiring friends, and travel around the beautiful Bay Area. I enjoy building good relations with customers and finding creative partnerships. I love adventures and hikes. Someday I’d like to travel across the USA in a Volkswagen Bus.
Office Manager
"The Organizer"
My favorite part of my job is interacting with our customers and fans. I was born in Marin County and am a big San Francisco Giants fan-- going to games is one of my favorite things. I love staying active and grew up playing softball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. You can find me practicing yoga, hiking, wine tasting, playing with puppies, or drinking Clearly Kombucha!
"The Track Record-er"
I knew I had to get involved with Clearly Kombucha when I met Ali and Caleb, like-minded entrepreneurs that might have even more passion about their business than I did! As the founder of Glutino, I was able to get America to appreciate (and pronounce) “gluten-free," so I figured “kombucha” is the next challenge! I love my 3 kids and hearing them yell kombuuuuuucha!

Similar to the way that we build the brewery, Caleb and I have spent and continue to spend countless hours seeking out amazing and motivated people to join the CK team. The people we are lucky enough to work with become our friends which makes work feel a lot more like play (even if you are working all night).

Alison Zarrow Founder