The World’s First Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

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Yesterday we made an exciting announcement: we’ve created the world’s first pumpkin spice booch! Our brew team has produced an extremely limited edition run of the flavor, having created just 25 bottles of this delicious brew. Most of these bottles are promised to friends and family but there are a few ways you can snag on a bottle! We are auctioning off one bottle on ebay, as well as giving one away on Instagram.

As our Creative Director, Rachel Zarrow, explained in yesterday’s press release: “At Clearly Kombucha, we differentiate ourselves by producing light and refreshing kombucha and by being a light and refreshing brand. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously and must respect and honor the fact that many of them love pumpkin spice. As a brand, we are not above the occasional foray into the cultural space, deemed by some as ‘basic’.”

With the release of this flavor, we aim to bridge the gap between “basic” and “booch.” We’re empowering YOU to embrace all of your preferences, whether they are “basic” or counter-culture. Although kombucha, traditionally a hippie-beverage for kumbaya circles is now prevalent in grocery stores, there is still a major cultural divide between the hardcore “boochers” and newer adopters in the kombucha category but at Clearly Kombucha we welcome everyone. Join the party and lighten up!


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