Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is the best tasting kombucha I’ve had! Is Clearly Kombucha really kombucha?

    Clearly Kombucha is 100% authentically brewed! It’s easy on the eyes, easy on the palate– next generation kombucha that tastes light and looks clear but is still real. Our highly selective filtration system removes the alcohol producing yeast and leaves in the healthy gut bacteria. This allows us to craft the lightest, most refreshing kombucha out there.

  • There are reports that a few kombucha brands have alcohol levels that are higher than the legal limit. Are you affected?

    No, the recent buzz (pun intended) on alcoholic kombucha does not pertain to Clearly Kombucha. We have never received warning letters from the TTB or the FDA due to our rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing protocols.

  • Why is alcohol even a topic of conversation for kombucha brewers and drinkers?

    Kombucha is fermented using yeast and bacteria. An authentic brewing process does produce alcohol, but with sophisticated monitoring techniques in place, a professional kombucha brewery can consistently produce a non-alcoholic (less than .5%) kombucha tea.

  • I’ve heard rumors that some kombuchas have sugar content higher than than the label states. How controlled is your sugar content?

    You may have noticed that Clearly Kombucha doesn’t taste as sweet as other brands. That is because we closely monitor the sugar content throughout our fermentation and only bottle when the residual sugar left from the primary fermentation meets our spec.

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