Tiffany McKnight

Tiffany McKnight is an Oklahoma City-based artist. She’s been passionate about art for as long as she can remember and launched her career in 2011. She started her career with printmaking and screen printing but has begun to use more technological techniques.

All of her work starts out being drawn by hand and then she typically uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as her main tools to solidify and modify her designs to create the perfect vector based illustrations and images. Most of her inspiration comes from the ocean, macro photographs, and fashion photography. Tiffany finds inspiration and influence all over, especially in electronic dance music, trap / hip hop, and jazz (her soundcloud is fire) and she often imagines that’s she illustrating sound. When she’s not designing, she enjoys watching documentaries, listening to new music, or enjoying yakisoba or fries.

Highlights of creating with Clearly Kombucha: “I LOVED working with Clearly on creating beautiful patterns for their amazing products! I enjoyed how open they were to my visual interpretation of the flavors, as well as giving me the freedom to create my first pattern designs for a product sold in stores!”