Nate Padavick

Nate Padavick is an illustrator living in Somerville, Massachusetts. Nate specializes in illustrated maps, some of which are very detailed and specific while others are more fun and inspirational. Nate is the founder of They Draw & Travel, a community of mapmaking artists, illustrators and amateur doodlers who send in illustrated maps of their favorite places. This community provides him with daily doses of inspiration, in this super fun niche in the illustration world! When he’s not illustrating, Nate can be found hiking, biking, visiting fancy coffee shops, and sippin’ on Raspberry Ginger booch.

Highlights of creating with Clearly Kombucha: “The first illustration I did for Clearly Kombucha was a map of San Francisco and the BIGGEST illustration of my career (8 x 10 feet!). It was so much fun because San Francisco was my hometown for 4 years and I go back yearly. The second illustration I did for Clearly Kombucha, a music festival themed mural doubled the size of the San Francisco map and it is now the biggest illustration I’ve ever done. Both of these illustrations were a TON of fun to create because they are full of happiness and boochiness!”