Maria Schoettler

Maria Schoettler is an Oakland-based artist. She’s always felt called to create artwork and has been creating since childhood! She majored in art in college at UCSC and took it on as her sole profession back in 2009, when she launched her seasonal produce calendars in stores around the Bay Area. She’s been at it ever since, collaborating with small businesses, making stationery for weddings and making paintings for fun. Maria works in gouache, a watercolor paint, on paper and sometimes in pen and ink. Maira spends a lot of time in her West Oakland studio and doesn’t typically sketch things out, but rather jumps right in and lets the painting take shape organically. She explains that her  spontaneous approach to painting offers an opportunity to explore color, form and textures of the world around her. She’s inspired by wildflowers she sees on her hikes, as well as trips to the farmer’s market. “The softness of a brightly colored petal, the shine of a gravenstein apple, and the pattern on a leaf are all what captivate me and drive me to paint the way I do.”

Highlights of creating with CK: “I had the privilege of painting the plants used in the new line of C Botanicals and designing the artwork for the labels. The challenges were that the logo size and design were already set and I didn’t have too much space to add my flourishes. I had to make the delicate nature of my illustrations work with the bold and shiny CK logo. Making the two work together was not easy, but I think it turned out well!”