Hope Kauffman

Hope Kauffman is a Los Angeles-based photographer. Her grandmother taught her to paint as a young child and when art wasn’t offered at her high school, she picked up photography, and has been a photographer for over a decade. Regarding her creative process, she sometimes has the entire vision ahead of time, planning shoots, and finding the right location, model, wardrobe, props, to bring her vision to life. Hope finds inspiration in travel, beautiful light, all kinds of art and artists, including surrealist painters, classical painters, and many photographers, and the man she was lucky enough to study for a time: Russell James. She also finds inspiration in travel and nature, especially “FLOWERS, flowers, and more flowers, I think I am in a never ending flower phase.” When she’s not behind the camera, Hope can be found painting large scale murals, spending time with her family, napping with her dog Goldie, scouring thrift stores, sippin’ on Raspberry Lemonade booch, and making flower crowns. To see more of Hope’s work, check out her website or Instagram.

Highlights of creating with Clearly Kombucha: “I loved that CK let me just be my wild flower child self and get creative with tons of color, texture, and outrageous non-traditional product placement. I felt like it was creating art more than just another brand partnership. They trusted me to express myself through their awesome product in my own way without micromanaging my process. I think that’s why everything turned out so organic, fun, and free- I was allowed to just be me and what came of that was an authentic love of the kombucha and all the beautiful little parts that come together to create it. The true beauty was in the deconstruction and reconstruction of its parts and how beautiful each individual piece could be. I loved the nontraditional approach and working with natural elements… Nature is the master color mixer and I loved using its amazing spectrum of color!”