Bill Concannon

Bill Concannon is a neon sign maker based out of Crockett, California. Bill has been making neon for over 40 years, founding Aargon Neon in 1975, with the primary objective of always “making dreams manifest.” He works closely with his clients on their vision, be it sketched on a cocktail napkin or an intricately laid out blueprint. He says he always starts with drawings, “drawing is the visual artist’s first language, it’s how you begin to externalize what’s in your head, and for me, making external the internal is the point of making art.” When not “neon-ing” Bill, can be found walking the hills surrounding Crockett with his dog, gardening, reading, or sipping some Turmeric Cardamom C Botanicals.

Highlights of creating with Clearly Kombucha:

“Working with [Clearly Kombucha] was easy. [They] provided me with the copy in 3 choices of text styles and we picked the one that would translate best to neon.” We worked with Bill to select the most fun colors possible, that felt true to the Clearly Kombucha lifestyle!

His favorite emoji: “It has to be that crazy smiley face with one eye closed and the tongue stuck out. That is who I am.”  😜