Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is the Proprietor of Gentleman Scholar Signs in San Francisco. He started Gentleman Scholar Signs to preserve the art of sign painting. For Andrew, this all started nearly a decade ago after standing in front of a grocery store and realizing that the paper sign in the window was hand lettered. From there it was seeking out books and mentors to guide him along the process. A lot of time spent on a desk with paint, paper and brush in hand. Andrew finds inspiration everywhere and gets a lot of energy from buildings and the color of the City. He also finds a great deal of influence in old out of print sign books, advertising and most importantly his peers. “There are many that have come before me that are models of inspiration. I hope to be that person to one day.” When he’s not painting signs, Andrew can be found crabbing, attending poetry readings, riding his bike, or enjoying sourdough toast with a Black Currant Clearly Kombucha.

Highlights of creating with CK: “Very freeing. They allowed for some free expression and fun. Fun is the key. They’re a fun company and when I say company, I mean the handful of people that make it happen.”

(Andrew hand painted the mural and sign at our office, as well as designed slogans to be used on merch.)