We may not have formal Cordon Bleu culinary training. And we may burn our toast in the morning. But when it comes to cooking with kombucha, we know what’s up.

Clearly Kombucha is perfect alone, spectacular mixed. Check out our recipes for smoothies, cocktails, and sauces and share yours with us at If you are a professional chef and/or you do not burn your toast, we won’t hold it against you.


Vitamin CK
Grape Goodness

Clearly Kombucha Hand Crafted Cocktails #detoxwhileyouretox

The NorCal Kicker
CK Pear Sidecar
Never-Ending Summer
The Scoby Wrangler
CK Headquarters
Tangerine Margarita

Brines, Dressings, and Sauces, Oh My!

Brine for Poultry