Our Founders

Ali Zarrow
Ali ZarrowCo-Founder
Ali Zarrow is the co-founder of Clearly Kombucha especially on the days when everything is smooth sailing. Clearly Kombucha is the first thing that she thinks about when she wakes up, the last thing that she thinks about while drifting off to sleep, and sometimes the thing that wakes her up in the middle of the night. Ali prides herself on her stellar organizational skills which she has put to good use by making hundreds of folders in her email inbox. Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Hibiscus & Raspberry Ginger. Strangest Question about Kombucha: Random man in grocery store: “If I buy a bottle now and then come back later, can we grab a coffee together?” Ali’s response: “I only drink Clearly Kombucha, but feel free to come back later to buy another bottle!”
Caleb Cargle
Caleb CargleCo-Founder
Caleb Cargle is the co-founder of Clearly Kombucha. He graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2007 and moved to California to research Organizational Behavior and Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He fell in love with “entrepreneurship” and the idea that you can co-create a better world by building socially responsible businesses. A future dream is to be a visiting business school professor and teach on entrepreneurship! His favorite part of the job is dreaming, specifically the day-dreaming that surfaces during running or practicing yoga. His favorite colors change from time to time, but right now it is ORANGE representing spontaneity and optimism! When he’s not studying entrepreneurship, Caleb is running, yoga’ing, cycling, or Hulu’ing (and occasionally researching quantum mechanics and the possibility of time travel/parallel universes). Favorite Quote:“Go forth boldly in the directions of your dreams; live the life you have imagined.”

Creative Juices

During his training as a chef, Brewmaster Nick learned to pick the best raw ingredients, combine flavors and create something that would please his audience. Living in Napa he then learned to pair those flavors with not only wine, but beer and spirits as well. Becoming a brewer was only the next logical step in his career when he took the helm of a small craft brewery & pub in Northern California. When the opportunity presented itself to join the Clearly Kombucha team as Brewer & Head Scoby Wrangler, Nick jumped at the chance to further his learning of the wild world of fermentation. Combining Clearly Kombucha’s wide palette of flavors into Nick’s cooking and cocktail mixing has been a great challenge and treat to everyone who has sample the outcome. Favorite Flavors: Asian Pear and Raspberry Ginger. Fun flavor combo 1/2 Black Currant and 1/2 Strawberry Hibiscus. Strangest question: Can you eat the Scoby? (gross)
Rachel Zarrow
Rachel ZarrowCreative Director
Rachel Zarrow, has been working for Clearly Kombucha since its inception, spending late nights hand-bottling the first batches and caulking cracks in the old brewery floor. She is thrilled to have moved on to other tasks that fall under her very prestigious sounding “Creative Director” title, such as overseeing our experiential marketing team and creating infographics, and leaves the caulking to the experts! She especially enjoys working as a taste-tester for new flavors – she seems to have an opinion on everything – and correcting grammatical errors. Incidentally, she is Ali’s younger sister. She enjoys writing (see for yourself) and has written for The Atlantic.com, Food52, and the San Francisco Chronicle. She also loves cooking, doing art projects, working out, playing with dogs, and pretending to be Italian. Favorite Flavor: I wouldn’t pick a favorite child.
Lili Gomez
Lili GomezCommunications Director
Lili Gomez is the Communications Director of Clearly Kombucha. In this role she is able to marry her communications know-how with her passion for health and wellness, in addition to working alongside other Stanford University alumni. She enjoys staying apprised of everything that is going on in this space and finding opportunities to share the amazingness that is Clearly Kombucha. Prior to working at Clearly Kombucha, she was a public relations professional at Hill+Knowlton Strategies. When she isn’t working, you can usually find her exploring San Francisco with her friends, working out, or yoga’ing. You can usually spot her by her snakeskin Vans, of which she takes many photos while she waits for the bus. Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Hibiscus

Regional Market Reps

KristenSouthern Cal Market Manager
Kristen, Southern Cal Market Manager, has been with CK for 2 years. Kristen’s outgoing personality has lead her to perform stand up comedy in clubs around the country. Her hobbies include volunteering for local animal rescues, doing yoga and spending time at the beach. She also is fortunate to live nearby many great grocery stores so she can always eating healthy and deliciously, specifically whole wheat pasta with lemon, tomatoes and capers. If she didn’t live now, Kristen wishes that she (and her cat, Munson,) could have played in a jazz band in the 1920′s in New York City. But since that’s not going to happen, she spends her Sunday nights watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Favorite Flavor: Grape and Asian Pear. Strangest Question: “I like to drink things very slowly. I like to take a sip from something then come back to it the next day. Do you think a bottle of Clearly will last more than two weeks without a top on it?”
SamanthaNorthern Cal Market Manager
Samantha, Northern Cal Market Manager, joined Team Clearly in November of 2013. After graduating from The Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, Samantha heard the [Santa Cruz] mountains calling her name, and so there she went. After 10 years of blissful Texas dwelling, her adventure-loving spirit had finally brought her back to The Golden State. Sam is stoked to be promoting a wonderful product while working with such fun and inspiring people. In her spare time, Sam enjoys all things outdoors. From kayaking to disc golf, she appreciates the finer things in life. She loves wandering, exploring, taking photographs, good live music, meeting new people and spreading joy. Keep a lookout for Sam rockin’ out to some sweet tunes while driving the CK Prius around NorCal! Shout out how much you love our Kombucha and maybe she’ll toss you a pair of our awesome CK sunnies. Favorite Flavor: Chai Cola
Sarah D.
Sarah D.Regional Market Rep
Sarah D. is studying science and working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She loves traveling and has explored Honduras, Belize, The Bahamas, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, Portugal, The Republic of Kiribati, Canada, several areas of Mexico, and nearly all of our fifty states. She loves the way clean, raw, and organic eating makes her feel and is always on the hunt for creative, new recipes. She rarely turns down ice cream. Favorite Flavor: Raspberry Ginger. “I’m a ginger lover!” Strangest question: “Can I drink this if I just had part of my intestine taken out?”