Clearly Kombucha is the tastiest elixir known to humankind. While kombucha has been around for centuries, Clearly Kombucha is next level booch. It’s crisp and refreshing with clean finish. After just one sip, you’ll exclaim, “I can’t believe it’s kombucha!” But you better believe it, sports fans, because this is better than kombucha. It’s Clearly Kombucha.

<strong>Black Currant:</strong>
Black Currant:
Black Currant: If Queen Elizabeth fancied kombucha, this would be hers. It’s sophisticated and not too sweet, just like you when you’re wearing your sassy pants.



Discover what happens when grape soda grows up and gets all fermented and fancy. (Spoiler alert: It’s like grape soda… only better.)


<strong>Raspberry Lemonade:</strong>
Raspberry Lemonade:
Raspberry Lemonade packs a sweet punch of berry flavor! Made with a touch of Organic Stevia, this flavor is even lower in calories than our other already low-calorie flavors!
<strong>Chai Cola:</strong>
Chai Cola:
Chai Cola will make you nostalgic for afternoons spent at an old-fashioned soda fountain. Or, if that was before your time, it’ll remind you of a morning chai on crisp fall days at your local coffee house. Exotic and spicy, yet sweet like cola, this flavor is for even those who are skeptical of kombucha.
<strong>Raspberry Ginger:</strong>
Raspberry Ginger:
The ginger lover’s delight, Raspberry Ginger holds nothing back. It offers a peppery bite of fresh ginger with a berry cool-down. Ah, yes, just like Katy Perry it is hot and it is cold.
<strong>Strawberry Hibiscus:</strong>
Strawberry Hibiscus:
Strawberry Hibiscus takes your tastebuds on a tropical spa vacation. Or perhaps to a U-pick strawberry farm. With the taste of fresh strawberry juice and a touch of hibiscus, every sip takes you to your happy place.


<strong>Asian Pear:</strong>
Asian Pear:
Our Asian Pear flavor is fresh and crisp. Like biting shamelessly into your third free sample of an asian pear at the farmers market, it’s juicy and leaves you wanting more.